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Is a space where young people with ASD and emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties and their families can come together and participate in appropriate learning activities in very small groups. Our ethos is rooted in an approach which values inclusion, flexibility, and participation as young people learn social skills through interaction with one another, by being in nature and helping to grow vegetable crops, take care of animals and engage in craft projects in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We would like to expand our current ethos of enabling children to develop social skills, grow in confidence and self-belief, learn new skills and feel included in society and also increase our aims by generating a community farm to assist members of society (adults as well as children) with ASD and people with anxiety, depression and learning difficulties.

A larger more accesible site will soon be becoming available and we see this as an exciting opportunity to move forward in helping more people. The site presents an exciting opportunity of expansion with more and larger indoor spaces which will enable us to expand the number of sessions we run, and reach a wider section of society with more complex requirements; we would be able to welcome future clients with mobility requirements and have more space to do so and increase our workshop subjects to include carpentry and cookery lessons.


Our Plans....

Alternative Educational Hub and Countryside Classroom

We will be working towards expansion to our current working model and will include student referrals from where all current schooling strategies have been exhausted; these students will be referred to Herd and Grow via parental referral and also the Warwickshire Flexible Learning Team for whom we currently have an existing working relationship with.

The Hub will also present parents with an opportunity to interact with like-minded families with similar life experiences based around there children's individual needs. This will open doors for parents to network with each other and be signposted to other services available which in turn we see friendships being created beyond Herd and Grow which will reduce the social isolation some families can experience.  

Herd and Grow’s Alternative Educational Hub will continue to support and provide students with access to an alternative educational approach through animal husbandry, nature crafting and horticulture. Being around animals and getting to know their unique and extremely inquisitive characters brings joy like no other, promotes self-confidence and communication skills. We will provide families with the opportunity to become farmers for a day. Learn about the husbandry requirements involved in looking after Pigs, Sheep, Goats, and Chickens. All in attendance will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with all the farm animals on site.

Herd and Grow’s Horticultural ‘Field to Fork’ Programme


Will continue to teach students where their food comes from by actively participating in the full growing cycle and production of pesticide-free salad and vegetable crops. By being involved in the process we teach children patience, precision, and responsibility. Students are then rewarded with freshly produced food which fills them with pride, knowing that through there nurture and time they have produced from a seed something delicious and healthy. This encourages students to perhaps try fruit and vegetables that they may not have eaten before and by doing so promotes a healthier lifestyle in the process.

Nature Crafting Sessions

Are  highly successful and enjoyable with both parents and children alike. This is down to the wide skill set Herd and Grow is able to offer, which includes Carpentry, Arts and crafts, and sculpturing. Nature crafting enables children and parents to experience the outdoors in a new way by walking the fields and hedgerows discovering and collecting materials to use in our crafting sessions. By doing so families are being physically active and extremely mindful along the way by noticing and experiencing nature and the wildlife it has to offer. Parents are actively encouraged to partake in our crafting sessions along with there children which in turn strengthens relationships and also enables parents to be involved in a fun activity they may not normally have the time to enjoy.

We are using the Crowfunder platform to help us achieve our goals. Please click to be directed to our designated funding page and pledge as much as you can afford. Be part of something amazing and help make a real difference to the next generation.



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