Herd and Grow is  for people in Stratford Upon Avon, Warwick, Leamington Spa and all surrounding areas who are looking to engage with a farming life.

Through our field based activities we will encourage clients to engage with a full hands on approach,
providing an opportunity of responsability then inturn increase self worth.


Our Vision

In society today there are many people who struggle with day to day life for a variety of reasons, people that find themselves in these situations can often feel isolated and trapped. With care, compassion and understanding at the core of Herd and Grow our vision is to nurture the potential of these lives.


Our Mission

our mission is to provide a possitive working enviroment where clients can feel safe and equipped with essential skills in life. We aim to decrease the chaos of modern life and increase an inner wellbeing through nature, animals and land based activities. 

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