Want to be part of something really, really special? Sad you've missed out on helping with the lambs this year? It's not too late to help!

The little lamb in this photograph needs a name. And she'd like you to be the one to pick it! She was born on the 11th of April at 12.15. Her Mum Maisey, was orphaned as a lamb three years ago, and had to be bottlefed. Since then she has gone on to have her own family. This little lass is her 5th lamb!

To win the chance to name her and help keep Herd and Grow going through the Corona pandemic, please make a donation to this page. But please, please remember to leave us your contact details by: - ticking the box to agree to be contacted by OR emailing your contact details and the number of family members requesting a chance to name the lamb to cassandraleese@hotmail.com

£2 feeds a Herd and Grow chicken for one week so every penny is appreciated! I hope you don't mind us changing the game so all donations are equal - we want to make sure everyone has a good chance!

Tickets will be drawn on the 25th of May 2020 and the winners informed by email by the 28th of May.

Herd and Grow is a small non-profit enterprise run by the incredible and kind Matthew and Amanda in Ashorne. Set up to share their love of animals and farming with their local community, they run sessions mainly for home educated children, many of whom have learning disabilities.

Herd and Grow keep animals so children attending can bond and learn how to raise them. The children spend time working with both animals and the land, learning as they play. Unlike many workshops, they operate on a 'pay as you go' basis, making it accessible to as many families as possible. They are something of a haven.

Since the Government announced the recent quarantine guidelines, they have been closed to the public with no income. They are however, still hard at work every day, looking after an ever expanding number of animals and plants. Including 16 new members of the Herd and Grow family!

Spring has brought plenty of beautiful new life to Herd and Grow, giving them more animals and plants to feed. As a result, they are struggling to cover the daily upkeep costs.

They are too humble to ask for help themselves, especially given that these are difficult times for many. But they really are worth helping. They work so hard and mean so much to so many children. Families describe it as their 'happy place', their 'sanctuary'; a place where they feel 'peace, calm and contentment'. For some children, including my own, it is one of the few places they can feel comfortable and safe at, outside of their own home.

Want to do something special today? Buy some tickets for a chance to name this little lamb and help keep Herd and Grow going!





Our Vision

In society today there are many children and yound adults who struggle with day to day life for a variety of reasons, those that find themselves in these situations can often feel isolated and trapped. With care, compassion and understanding at the core of Herd and Grow our vision is to nurture the potential of these lives.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a possitive enviroment where clients can feel safe and motivated with a variety of land based skills. We aim to decrease the chaos of modern life and increase an inner wellbeing through nature, animals and land based activities. 

" I have to say a really huge Thank you thank you thank you Matthew and Amanda for starting these wonderful sessions! They are a breakthrough for me to be able to get Charlie going to a group and actually being relaxed and happy there! It means the world and we both really appreciate everything you guys do x "

" I just wanted to tell you that Louis leapt out of bed with a real twinkle in his eye this morning. While I was out last night, he apparently spent ages in the garden starting work on an outdoor cat shelter for our cat Rosie, using wood from our broken table. He says he’s really excited about doing some more this afternoon. The impact you have had on him in just 2 sessions is amazing. Thank you so so much "

" Oliver and I really enjoyed our session with you today (despite the weather!) Oliver normally struggles with any sort of group/ organised activity and would usually run off, he was relaxed enough to engage with you and do the clay activity which was so lovely to see. We are already looking forward to next week, thank you! "

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